The 2023 Artisans Tent at the Zoar Harvest Festival

Jon & Jan Wright Pottery - The Artisan Tent at the Zoar Festival Ohio


Jonathan and Jan Wright founded Crocker & Springer, Ltd. early in 1987, shortly after marrying. With youthful enthusiasm, they set out to make a living together in the world of fine craft by combining their skill sets -- Jon's love of hand-throwing pots on a potter's wheel, as well as building and firing monstrous kilns; and Jan's passion for hand-decorating the pottery using the techniques of painting, slip-trailing, sgraffito-carving, and sculpting. During the ensuing years, the award-winning pair has become well-known nationally for their high quality, handmade, early American style salt-glazed stoneware and redware. Even after several decades, the magic of throwing salt into a white-hot kiln to form a clear, shiny glaze over
the surface of the wares, then opening the kiln several days later to never-ending surprises, continues to be alluring beyond description!

Jon & Jan Wright Pottery - The Artisan Tent at the Zoar Festival Ohio


Maintaining high standards in recapturing the spirit and craft of the early American folk potter will forever be of utmost importance to Jon and Jan. Through many labor-intensive steps, they take great pains to achieve authentic, museum-quality pieces that collectors can pass along as heirlooms to future generations. Working in their chosen field for over three decades has taught the Wrights that there's always more to learn, so research and experimentation fill their days.  They’ve been honored to have been recognized for their efforts by historic sites, living history museums, magazines, high quality folk art shows, and even the White House, in whose permanent collection one of their pieces resides.

Jon & Jan Wright Pottery - The Artisan Tent at the Zoar Festival Ohio


The Wrights love sharing their work with others, whether at their rural Illinois studio, at folk art shows, in magazines, on the internet, or through numerous historic sites, museums, and gift shops nationwide. They view their work as more than just a livelihood -- it is a thrilling opportunity to contribute to the cultural preservation of this nation’s early heritage. They're pleased and honored to once again be part of The Artisans Tent at Zoar and look forward to sharing their work with you at the show!

Jonathan & Jan Wright, Elash, Illinois
18th & 19th Century Salt glazed stone ware
Salt-Glazed Stoneware & Redware
25337 Beltrees Road
Elsah, IL 62028