The Artisans Tent at the Zoar Harvest Festival - July 30th & 31st, 2022
Laurel Dabbs - decoys - The Artisans Tent at Zoar - Ohio folk art show

Laurel Dabbs – Decoys

Laurel Dabbs Laurel Dabbs will be one of the great artisans at the Zoar Harvest Festival.  You can see Laurel and other amazing artists at the Artisans Tent at Zoar.  Crudely fashioned or exquisitely detailed, decoys provided a means of luring migratory waterfowl close enough to be an important staple in the diet of the […]

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The Traditional Artisans Show at the Zoar Harvest Festival 2022


    The Artisans Tent at The Zoar Village The Artisans Tent at Historic Zoar Village will be here before you know it so please mark July 30th & July 31st of 2022 on your calendar.  The Artisans Tent at the Zoar Harvest Festival (follow us on Facebook)  is one of the top American Folk Art and […]

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